Thermostat replacement and repair

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Dual 11 inch thermostats (domestic) and single side entry 7 inch thermostats (apartment) are the most common types of thermostats found in Dublin. A standard immersion heater consists of a heating element, thermostat and thermal overload/over-temp funtion which (required by law since 2004). The thermostat should be set between 60 and 65 degrees celsius especially if there is a pump connected to the immersion heating system as it could cause the pump to leak if the thermostat fails and water becomes too hot. If the thermostat is set below 60 degrees, bacteria can form. New immersion heaters supplied by will also have a "limit thermostat" function, which will be factory set to 90 degrees celsius. If the thermostat in your immersion element fails, your over-temp function will trip out and your thermostat will need to be reset manually. At we supply thermostats that have built in over-temp funtions. Our technician will inform you if you need an over-temp funtion installed in an older immersion and show you how to reset your immersion in the case of a fault.