Boostmaster 2 HourElectronic immersion heater Boost Timer

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The Grässlin Ecosave is a user-friendly, energy saving, Economy 7, Quartz-regulated 24 hour hot water/heating timer. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery which provides a running reserve of up to 72 hours (three days!). The timer is used to programme immersion heater circuit(s) (up to 3 kW - 13A 230v AC) and controls the main immersion element in your hot water cylinder on a 24 hour cycle so that you can programme your hot water to come on in the morning, evening, afternoon etc. The device controls single, dual or double immersion heater output loads and one of our fully trained technicians can advise you on what type of output you are likely to have. Unlike some other timers, the Ecosave has the added extra of a separate boost control which gives the user an optional 15, 30, 60 or 120 minute (self-resetting) heat output without affecting your pre-programmed timer sequence.

*Water heater time switch
*24 hour time control
*Programmable every 15 minutes
*Manual on/off switch
*15, 30, 60 or 120 minute boost output
*Specially designed tamper-proof cover on dial
*Suitable for combination storage/convector heaters
*Neon indicator lights display
*Single/dual or twin immersion heater applications
*Separate rewireable base
*Contact rating – 13A
*Running reserve 72 hours/three days
*230V 50Hz
*Ambient working temperature – 10c to +35c
*Accuracy Quartz regulated 2.5 sec / day @ 20°C