Immersion switch repair and replacement service in Dublin

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At we replace a lot of immersion switches right across the Dublin area. Immersion switches are the most basic way of controlling your immersion heater along with the thermostat which cuts the power to the heating element when the water has reached 65 degrees. If you want more control over the immersion heater functions, we have a wide variety of time clocks available. The best way to use an immersion switch is to choose how much water you require at a particular time and then estimate the cost of heating the desired amount of water. For example, the bath element might heat a full tank of water and would take just over an hour to do so at an approx. cost of 60-80 cent. The sink element on the other hand, might heat approximately half a tank of water, taking around half an hour to do so at an approx. cost of 20-30 cent.

All of our electricians are fully trained in the fault finding and repairing of immersion switches and we carry with all of the latest equipment and testers. If you find yourself without hot water it can be a nightmare! Don’t panic... let Dublin’s leading professional immersion repair team handle the job for you. Don’t be left in the cold... call us now to arrange a time that’s convenient for your immersion heater repair. Call our team today on 01-4458543 or 0831625009