Dual immersion & E7 side entry element replacement service in Dublin

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Dual (bath and sink) and side entry apartment immersion element replacement service Dublin. Replacing an immersion heater may be a job for either a plumber or an electrician but at immersion-heater.ie all of our staff are fully trained and RECI certified and can fault find or replace any part of your immersion on the spot. If your immersion fails or rather the elements on your immersion heater break, the chances are that the whole house will be in darkness as the house electrical circuits also tend to cut out. Immersion heater elements are in the water all of the time, expanding and contracting over the years so the protective covering will tend to eventually give way allowing a little water in. Water and electricity do not mix and a short circuit quickly follows. If this happens, we can send someone out to you to fix the immersion and also reinstate the electrical power in your home.